Wallpaper Inspiration

I'm always thinking of new ways to seek and share inspiration.  Since 2016 it's only starting I thought sharing my visual inspiration with you may be a good idea to get the creativity flow going.  You can download all my photos (or maybe only the ones you like) and use them as a wallpaper photo for you phone, a simple decoration for your wall or you can even give them away as a small gift for a friend. I really hope you like them and It would be great if you could share with me what visual images you use for inspiration.

Wishing you an inspired 2016! 

Wallpaper for Iphone Download

Winter Birds  |  Cloudy Sky  |  Spray Paint  |  Suculents


Enjoy your new wallpapers! 

*All images © copyright by lila miller. They are for personal use only, it is non-commercial, editorial usage.